Our program designed specifically for teams.

Team Program

We have created a program to allow sport Teams to reestablish team dynamics and bonding through group paddling/rowing and on shore workouts.  Your team can remain fit combined with social interaction and bonding while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Convert this program to a twice-weekly team practices when Alberta Government restrictions allow.


On Water Activity:
We will set aside kayaks and standup boards for use by your team for the appointed hour. Initial instruction will be given to team members by Leduc Boat Club staff. There is an option for other equipment training and use (i.e outrigger, rowing shells).

On Shore Activities:
Leduc Boat Club Coaches will work with your coach/team manager to establish on shore activities utilizing Leduc Boat Club Equipment (i.e. ergs, weights etc.).


Option 1:  Includes the twice-weekly components and will convert to a twice-weekly dragon boat practice when Alberta Government restrictions allow.

Price:  $100 per team member for the summer paddling season.

Option 2:  Includes the twice-weekly components above plus other equipment training.  Summer Season Club Fees will allow for a choice of equipment (Canoe, Dragon Boat, Kayak, SUP, Rowing and Outrigger) more than twice per week. Instruction on all the above equipment is included.

Price:   $300 (summer season club membership).

Every team member must sign up for one of the two options.
Additional national sport organization fees may apply.

Sign Up procedure:
  1. Register your team.
  2. Team members then can register through our membership page. Have them choose “I am a team member”. Registered Team names will appear in a list to choose from.
  3. Members can then pay online or arrange payment with Leduc Boat Club.
  4. Consult with Leduc Boat Club staff to establish schedule, book initial equipment training and on shore activities.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the activities and team bonding experience.

All Leduc Boat Club Programs will adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the Province of Alberta. Programs may need to be altered while in progress.