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Traditional Canoe / Kayak

Traditional Canoe / Kayak

The design of canoes varied, depending on their use and where they were built; they varied between open-topped bark canoes to dug-out trees to 130ft war canoes. In contrast, kayaks were built to ensure icy Arctic water did not enter the boat. They were made by stretching animal skins over a wooden frame and could generally only carry one man at a time. Kayaks are closed boats with a cockpit for sitting in. Athletes paddle from a sitting position with a double-blade paddle. Canoes are open boats paddled from a kneeling position with a single-blade paddle.

At the Leduc Boat Club, we have a number of traditional Kayaks, one and two person as well as traditional Canoes for rent. Why not try one of our Learn To courses to prepare yourself for your next paddling adventure.


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