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Meet Andrew and Sarah (our summer staff).

Renting equipment and need basic instruction? Have questions about the summer camps?

Just ask, our staff is here to help you.

Have questions about paddling or rowing techniques? Are you interested in a course?

Our coaches can guide you.

Outrigger Coaches

Our Outrigger Coaches have paddled around the world.  Most recently, John, Roberta and Neil were members of Canda’s National Team competing at the 2018 IVF Va’a World Championship in Tahiti.  

Stand Up Coaches

SUP Basic instructors are John, Nathan, Twila, Wayne, Darlene

Rowing Coaches

Hillary, Darlene, Wayne, Twila and John are the rowing coaches. You may see one of them organizing rowing practices.

Sprint Racing Coaches

Andrew, with backup from Nathan, are our sprint coaches. Zak, a level 3 Canoe Kayak coach, may also join in from time to time.

Instructor Led Groups

Instructor Led Groups could be a school group, a group of teachers or for Corporate team building. Neil will set you up with the appropriate number of coaches are steers people.



John started paddling dragon boats in 1999. Since then he has moved to other paddling sports achieving certifications in Dragon Boat,
Sprint Canoe & Kayak. Outrigger is his current sport and having attended IVF World Club Crew Championships in 2012 and 2018. Currently, he is president of the Leduc Boat Club

Dragon Boat Level 1 coach
Canoe/Kayak in training
NCCP Part A and B
Dragon Boat Offical
Canoe Kayak Level 1 Offical
Paddle Canada Basic SUP Instructor
Learn to Row in training


I started competitive paddling on the Hawaiian outriggers in 1998 on the Island of Hawai’i. Upon returning to Edmonton, I picked up the sport of Dragon Boating. With the arrival of the outrigger canoes in 2005, I returned to that sport. I have raced both small and large outrigger canoes at local, national, and international races.  My most memorable races include The Big Boat Race in Leduc; Queen Lili’uokalani Race, Hawaii and World Outrigger Sprints, Tahiti.

Before Hawai’i, I spent many hours paddling ‘Canadian Canoes’ and owned several recreational kayaks. I taught flat water canoeing for several years for the City of St.Albert and St.Albert Catholic Schools.

As a veteran Leduc Boat Club paddler, it is my pleasure to share my sports knowledge with others of all ages.

Dragon Boat Race Officiating Level 1
Dragon Boat Steering Level 1 – Small Lake
Stand Up Paddleboard Skills Basic
Waterfront  Canoeing Instructor
Lake Canoe Skills Introduction – Tandem
Intro Lake Canoe Instructor – Tandem
Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support Provider
Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate


I started outrigger paddling when I lived in Hawai’i.  Outrigger canoeing is my primary paddling sport; both sprint and long distance, large and small boats.  Although I can paddle in all the seats in an OC6 my favourite place is Seat 6.

I have been involved in both large and small boat races since 2008 including paddling in local, national and international races including Toronto Harbour Outrigger International Challenge race; Queen Lili’oukalani canoe race in Kona, Hawaii and World Sprint races in Pirae, Tahiti.

I believe in the canoe (va’a) as part of the paddling family (ohana) and maintaining as many of the Hawaiian traditions as possible.


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