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At Leduc Boat Club we are growing our programs to allow you to introduce students to a variety of self-propelled water sports for students from grades 4-12.

Please see the School programs link for details and pricing.

The best place to start is with classic tandem Canoe, and recreational kayaks, but we can, depending on group size, age and schedule, offer instruction in SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and dragon boats.

If your school needs something that looks a bit different, don’t hesitate to ask.
For example, a suggested format for Grade 5 would be to combine paddling with some teacher led land activities to round out your science Wetland Unit.

Introduction to Canoe/Kayak

In 50-60 minute sessions, we will instruct students on safe entry and exit, manoeuvre around Telford Lake, and introduce games and activities to improve their balance and handling of the different boats. Emphasis is on fun and safety. Preferred group size is 8-12. Exceptions must be discussed during the booking process and approved before school arrival.

Stand-Up Paddleboard

SUP can be worked in with canoe or kayak instruction. There is a higher likely hood of getting wet, so this is definitely a fair-weather activity, especially for younger students.

Introduction to Dragon boats

Due to the size and weight of the boat, this is recommended forages 12 and up, and groups must have at least 16 -20 paddlers plus one extra supervisor.

Group Size

We generally have 2 instructors available each day. Advance booking is required for more than 2 instructors. With the exception of Dragon boating, groups are limited to 12 students/activity on the water, preferring groups of 8-10. While we do our best to tailor the program to your group’s needs, for safety reasons, there is a limit to accommodations we can make for groups.


Teachers are expected to participate. Elementary schools should provide at least one supervisor for each instructional group, and that supervisor should be prepared to participate with the students.

Students who ignore boating and safety rules may be required to sit out, so it is recommended to have a plan to deal with any such issues that may arise.

Larger jr/sr high classes may require additional supervision as well. Please discuss when booking.

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