Club Manual

Purpose: The Leduc Boat Cub strives to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for members to excel at Rowing, Canoeing and/or Kayaking no matter the level of participation.

Mission: To provide all members with the opportunity, resources and support needed to pursue excellence in competitive canoeing, kayaking, and/or rowing.

Code of Conduct: The Leduc Boat Club is committed to providing a respectful, excepting and encouraging environment for all members in order to promote excellence.

Respect all participants (including yourself), club members, volunteers, coaches, and staff


Language no obscene language will be tolerated as well no put downs, barbs or aspersions. No jokes at anyone’s expense including your own.


Encourage acknowledge and congratulate others excellence or pursuit of excellence.


Appreciate the support and opportunities others and the club provide for you


No Complaining although as Leduc Boat Club we understand that our programs can not provide everything to everyone we expect that any issues with our programs, staff or other aspects of the club will be brought forward to a member of the Leduc Boating Club board rather then expressed in complaints to the other members of the club.

Safety: The Clubs first priority to all members will be insuring the safety of all program participants. Since recreational rowers, canoers, and kayakers as well as competitive rowers, canoers, and kayakers will occupy Telford Lake it is important to stay alert while on the water and follow the set flow pattern of lake. Meaning paddle or row in the designated areas and in the proper direction while keeping a heads up for other boat traffic. As well stay with your boat if it capsizes or overturns a safety boat will be on duty during all programs run by the Leduc Boat Club.

Life Jackets all recreational rowers, kayakers, canoers must wear a certified PFD at all times. Competitive rowers must keep a PFD in their shell (one for each person) if accompanied by a safety boat the PFD may be stored in it rather then the shell while training as bulky life jackets get in the way of proper technical arm and body movements. The only exception to this rule is when competing at a provincially, nationally or internationally sanctioned competition where no life jacket needs to be in the shell. Competitive Sprint Canoe and Kayak racers must wear a life jacket if they have not provided ample proof of swimming capability or are Pewee and under (12 years and under). While Bantam (13-14 year olds) you have the option of wearing a life belt and storing a PFD in the boat. Midget and older (16+) do not have to wear a PFD or Life Belt during training a PFD must be stored in their boats. At competitions a PFD does not need to be stored in the boat.

Clothing There is no set clothing that needs to be purchased for rowing, canoeing or kayaking. It is ideal to have breathable, quick drying clothing that allows for movement and will not get caught on any moving parts.  Since all three sports take place in warm summer months as well as cool fall months it is important to dress to the conditions. In the summer it is important to have sun protection and breathable clothes while in the cool fall months it is important to have insulating layers on. As there is a risk of getting wet no matter what your level is at in rowing, canoeing or kayaking it is important to bring a towel and a dry change of clothes to the boat house everyday.